Rocky Horror LIVE @ Loscon 43!


OMG what a fun podcast this was! Bitches & Money slayed at this year’s LosCon! Join us for this adventure as Money finally consumes that piece of queer culture that he managed to avoid all these years! We talk consent, which of our college professors we slept with, and why … Continue reading

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapters 18 & 19

DH HP7: Ron's Worst Nightmare
by trishna87

harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-chapters-18-19 Yay, it’s time for another “Natasha reads to Roshawn” episode of Harry Potter! This time I’m reading Chapter 19, “The Silver Doe” which is a really eventful chapter and was super fun to read to her. It wasn’t planned out that we should do it this way, just a … Continue reading

The Dresden Files, Book 1- Stormfront, Chapters 1 & 2


the-dresden-files-book-1-stormfront-chapters-1-2 I hope that my US listeners had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you didn’t get too crushed by politics while you visited with family. Ours didn’t mention the election and it was nice to sit and eat ourselves silly and play some boardgames without thinking about it for a … Continue reading