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Book Club- Holidays On Ice



Well this is a really unusual Book Club episode, because both Crys and I weren’t a big fan of the book! We cover the general stories and zero in on the ones we liked, but mostly we wind up talking about Christmas in general and our experiences growing up.

To be honest, I chose this book because I was looking for something seasonally appropriate and I saw that this one had gotten a good response from critics. While it may be good from a literary standpoint, it certainly wasn’t what I was looking for to get me into the Christmas spirit! Which probably anyone who knows David Sedaris’s work could have told me, but I was unfamiliar with him and the book sample online started out in a promising way so…

I hope that despite the fact that this book didn’t speak to me (or to Crys) you still enjoy listening to our discussion and our anecdotes about the holidays. Thanks so much for your support, everyone! I will see you tomorrow with Harry Potter! 

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