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Book Club- Ready Player One

Florian de Gesincourt-
Personal artwork done after reading the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Wade in his hideout, playing the Oasis.

Book Club- Ready Player One

Hi there, listeners! Welcome to the April episode of UNspoiled! Book Club, and get ready for a really fun ride because this book is a helluva good time. If you’re looking to get your mind off your troubles, or the world’s troubles, try this book on for size. Apparently the audiobook is really good too, although I read the print copy.

This is just a fun romp, a fantasy on par with “What if I could get paid for every Simpsons¬†quote I got right?” or “What if I became YouTube famous and everyone wanted to pay me to play video games?” Because basically both those things happen in this book, and the whole plot revolves around people trying to out-geek each other and be the first to get the prize. And that prize? Literally billions of dollars.

It’s a pretty sweet premise, and anyone who appreciates 80s pop culture will be gorging themselves on the references in this, but also there’s a pretty interesting sub-culture that we get some glimpses of when our hero gets *gasp* arrested and put into indentured servitude that are particularly frightening. I’m really not seeing the ideas in this book as being too far off the mark, to be honest.
I really really enjoyed this book, and it was a really nice change after a few bleak books in a row. Next month’s book is The Kite Runner, which I hear is pretty heart-wrenching, so I’m enjoying this one while I can.
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