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Buffy: Amends/Gingerbread

Ms. Calendar returns as an apparition, along with a couple of other victims from Angel’s past. Also, there’s a pitchfork mob.

The first episode is pretty Meh. I was intrigued by the flashbacks to Angel’s adventures, and wished we could have spent an entire episode int here, just learning what the hell went on during all those years. But Buffy is forced to share Angel’s dreams/memories. I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of Angel at all, but that’s mostly of brooding, mopey angel of the present day. I like his backstory.

It turns out that his visions are created by another demon who wants him to kill himself- and I would have been fine with the episode if it didn’t add that detail. Angel can and should deal with his guilt, that’s a decent character study, but we do we have to bring another demon into nit? Can’t we just let these things happen without a random antagonist? And then is snows. And Faith is there. And Angel and Buffy are back together but not really? Whatever.

The second episode was far more fun, and Joyce is a very underused character. This time she’s roped in by another demon, one that manipulates regular-ass civilians into it’s craziness to get them to kill witches. Mostly by making two random dead children appear. So Joyce does what she thinks is right, rallies the community to take down the witches. And Willow happens to be a part of the only coven in town, along with Amy and some random maybegay goth dude named Michael.

Poor Amy escapes the wrath of the mob by turning into a rat, and there’s some genuine good comedy with Cordelia being the one to resuce everyone with a firehose, and Xander and Oz falling through the roof. Good, funny, well-crafted. I hope they figure out how to cure Amy soon.


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