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Buffy: Doomed/Somnambulist

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Buffy is having some relationship trouble. Mostly, she doesn’t seem to understand how important it is to have a boyfriend who lives in her world. I’ve made my feelings about the age difference known already, but honestly, this is probably the best arrangement to be found, romantically. Also someone tries to open the hellmouth again. I don’t know why.
Angel has to come out to Kate in his episode, and let’s be honest, the writers don’t seem to be very good at Kate. Considering Wheadon is known for writing strong women . . . they are really dropping the ball here. Kate is a strong and independent woman, except when she’s not. She tough and hard and knows how to focus, unless the plot requires melancholy from her to create tension. It’s nuts. Get your shit together.
I liked both of these episodes, I promise. They just have some discontinuity that bothers me.


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