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Buffy: Helpless/The Zeppo

Somehow this show made me enjoy a full episode of Xandar.

Maggie Benzvi joins us for another round of Buffy! And we discuss vagina glue, fetishes, and ice skating.

As for the episodes . . .

Buffy is having Daddy issues because her father doesn’t show for her birthday. Meanwhile Giles is preparing for a test for the Slayer- depowering her and tossing her in a walled-up house with a vampire who was a serial killer before he was turned. And I’m not a fan of what the watchers are up to- this seems like an organization that is a circle-jerk at this point. The can’t keep their members from going rogue and they have stupid things that hurt trust with the Slayer. Naturally, the watchers left to guard the vampire have really stupid rules and aren’t very observant, so one gets eaten and the other gets turned. And when poor Joyce is dragged into all this . .. ¬†well, some quick thinking on Buffy’s part saves the day. Which is the whole point. I’m not sure I buy her renewed trust in Giles, though.

But the second episode goes Xander and goes hard. I did not expect this one to be my favorite. Because Xander is pretty damn useless, he gets sidelined by the rest of the gang in fighting a new threat. But instead of trying to raise the stakes with the world about to end again, it follows Xander as he tries to get laid, doesn’t, makes some terrible new friends, kills them, and saves the day when no one is paying attention. This is a cool twit on the Buffy formula, following someone else in their own adventure. Plus baby Michael Cudlitz!


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