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Buffy: Who Are You?/The Ring

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Buffy/Angel is on a really good streak!
We open this episode with Fuffy and Baith (just go with it) in some weird circumstances. Fuffy is stealing from Joyce and putting on leather pants. Baith is taking hostages but not following through.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked this episode, but I wasn’t remotely satisfied as I want more of this body-switch nonsense cause it’s amazing. Also, Tillow/Wara is confirmed (finally!).
As for Angel, apparently LA is a much seedier place. There’s enough rich, demented people to support a mortal kombat with demons. And there are enough demons to support an enterprise like this? The math is a little fuzzy.
But who really shines in this episode is Cordy. She’s make a great Spy. Angel is fine I guess? The creatures around him were much more interesting,and I feel the show is learning to do more with less.

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