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Day Break 6: What If They Find Him?

So it turns out Damien is superstitious.

This episode features Hopper doing some solid detective work, combing through the murder book to figure out what the hell is going on with this 25-year old case. But it comes with a wrinkle- it turns out going after the murder book sets off a chain of events that ends with a hit put out on himself, Chad, Damien, and even this scray drama cave dude by the end of the day. And most shockingly enough- Jen is the one tapped to take out Chad.

Hopper starts putting his resources to use – Andrea pulls up everything they have on Miguel Dominguez, and he sees that the man is a Latin Disciple. He then turns to Damien, who is hilariously at a birthday party with his mom. Over the course of two days, they manage to uncover (through the help of an old nun who is having none of your shit) a name for this girl- Isabella Contreras.

And Hopper manages to track down our bad guy- Conrad Detweiler. At his own home. Unfortunately, the man cannot be flapped, no matter which way Hopper tries, so he has to be clever, giving him back the evidence with a bug in it.

Candace is enjoying this now that Hopper is starting to make progress on the case in true noir style, but his investigation is dangerous for the people around him. But now that he has the info he needs, he can proceed somewhere else.

Watch on Hulu: https://www.hulu.com/watch/88980

Download from Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ng4dhzq88udo74l/AADiOH5Tn3nFNBsBDg18TEk9a?dl=0


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