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Dresden Files, Book 2: Fool Moon- Chapters 9, 10 & 11

The Dresden Files, Book 2- Fool Moon, Chapters 9, 10, 11

Unfortunately we ran into another problem with the Skype call recorder this week. The last 15 minutes of the episode was lost, and thankfully we had got most of the way through the discussion by then but it’s still quite irritating. I have since bought a new app and I’m confident that we won’t have this problem again. <3 
This is a very eventful series of chapters! Harry goes to speak to the Street Wolves (at the Full Moon Garage, hehehehe) and he almost get killed outright. It’s only the shield bracelet and his lack of hesitation to deck a dude in the face that gets him out of there alive, and he has a soul gaze with the Alpha of the pack and knows that there will be no way for him to get away from this conflict no matter how far he drives; that dude is going to track Harry down and end him, because his own life and standing with the pack depends on it.
Then we have the face-off with Marcone, and Roshawn is pretty surprised that Harry didn’t take the deal that was being offered. But as it turns out, Marcone has some useful information and he’s willing to share it to save his own skin. Thanks to a demon that Harry has been calling up, he’s able to discover the significance of the information, but only just in time for Murphy to call and say that there’s been a murder at the very address he was just given.
Oh, and let’s not forget the part where Harry’s mom is kind of admired by a demon. Of course, that’s where our convo got cut off. 🙁
I hope that you’re still able to enjoy the ep, and we will re-cover what we missed next week, so rest assured you will still get to hear us discuss it! Thanks so much for your patience. <3
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