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Dresden Files, Book 3: Grave Peril, Chapters 1-3

Dresden Files, Book 3- Grave Peril, Chapters 1-3

Okay, listeners, it’s time for us to move onto the next book in The Dresden Files, and I simply can’t wait. There is so much that gets rolling in this book, and there’s a whole new character being introduced that is a particular fan favorite. Welcome, Michael Carpenter!

These first 3 chapters hit the ground running. Harry and Michael are going all-out to get to Cook County Hospital before a ghost kills a bunch of babies. There’s something going on in the NeverNever, because there’s been lots of ghost activities that can’t be explained. I’m so annoyed that the second chapter ends with them about to jump over to the NeverNever, and then we move into a whole other part of the story.

This is such a great series, I can’t wait. AGH! Thanks for listening!


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