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The Dresden Files, Book 3: Grave Peril- Chapters 10, 11, & 12

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The Dresden Files, Book 3- Grave Peril- Chapters 10, 11, & 12 (iTunes Version)

Hi there, listeners! I’m here with the next 3 chapters of the The Dresden Files, and we’re getting into the meat of this book because we’re finally meeting poor Micky Malone. We are not yet sure what’s going on with him, but whatever it is, it sure ain’t good.

This is one of the first times that we really get to see Jim Butcher’s talent on full display, because while his actual writing may not be spectacular, his imagination really is. It won’t be until the next chapters that we get the full effect, because the chapter ends just when Harry is left alone with Micky, but we’re getting hints throughout, from all of the dead animals in the front yard to the creep-tastic description of Micky “smiling” and staring and giggling. Ewww. No thanks.

I’ve mentioned before how hard it can be to find Dresden Files fanart, and I was really hoping that someone had illustrated Micky but no such luck. I did find this awesome illustration of Agatha Hagglethorne, and since we’re only 3 episodes in to the book I decided to go ahead and use it because it’s got a pretty cool style to it.

Thanks again so much for listening, awesome people, and I will be seeing you with a new Justified! 


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