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The Dresden Files, Book 3: Grave Peril, Chapters 34, 35, & 36

Dresden a day 8: Kyle and Kelly
by Kellhound1365

The Dresden Files, Book 3- Grave Peril, Chapters 34, 35, & 36

Greetings, listeners! It’s time for the penultimate episode of Grave Peril, and we’re getting into some of the more serious shit now. I mean, the first chapter in this episode’s coverage is basically Harry curled up on the floor, sobbing his fucking guts out.


Once Harry calms himself down, he realizes that Justine and Susan are locked in there with him. Justine, for her part, isn’t doing super well. She’s got a mental illness, which is likely only exacerbated by her getting suddenly possessed by Kravos. Susan on the other hand, is in some ways stronger than ever…because she’s halfway to becoming a vampire.

Harry figures out what he has to do in order to get his power back from Kravos. He makes himself fall asleep, lets himself get killed while Susan resuscitates him, and then his ghost and himself kill the fuck out of Kravos while Harry’s dream self eats the dude alive.

Double yikes.

Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you soon with the next episode of Justified! 


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