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Dresden Files, Book 3: Grave Peril- Chapters 4, 5, & 6

The Dresden Wallpaper – Guide My Hand
by zmajtolovaj

Dresden Files, Book 3- Grave Peril, Chapters 4, 5, & 6 (Patron Version)

Hey lovelies! I’m super behind mostly due to having to rush to finish Dune this weekend for the UNspoiled Book Club, and I’m really going to have to push myself over the coming week to get caught up. I still have Twin Peaks, Justified, Legion, Harry Potter, and now the recording for Dune left to edit, so rest assured that you’re going to have lots and LOTS to listen to in the coming week.

In these chapters of Dresden Files we get our very first visit to the NeverNever, and RoShawn gets to meet Harry Dresden’s fairy godmother for the first time. She’s pretty fucking terrifying, but she and I both were not too impressed with Harry’s tactics to get out of a deal he made with her. We don’t yet know what that deal was, but he seems to think that the fact he was a minor when he made it somehow excuses him, and clearly Lea sees things differently.

Then there’s the matter of the ghost of Agatha Hagglethorn. She’s more aggressive than a ghost ought to be, and after a rather pitched battle with her, Harry and Michael manage to pin her down and find out part of what has been driving her crazy; someone wrapped her in barbed wire. Ew. But who could have done something like this to a ghost, and why would they bother?

We’re gonna find out! Thanks for listening!


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