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The Dresden Files, Book 4 Summer Knight, Chapters 1-3

The Dresden Files, Book 4 Summer Knight, Chapters 1-3

RoShawn and I took a week off due to the antics of the USPS, which you’ll hear all about when you start the episode, but thankfully we were able to cobble together a method for RoShawn to do her reading this week. If you guys see someone from the USPS, do me a favor and ask where RoShawn’s book is.

Summer Knight is one of those books that I constantly forget in the greater context of the series, but which is chock full of great stuff that I didn’t fully appreciate upon a first reading. I’ve already re-listened to the audio book to refresh me, but I’m planning on listening ahead anyway because I just can’t wait for some of what’s coming up.

In the first 3 chapters of Summer Knight, we meet Queen Mab for the first time, the Queen of the Winter Court, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She’s nobody to fuck with, and Harry tries unsuccessfully to turn down a bargain with her because he thinks he can just say no to a fucking FAERIE QUEEN. Mab quickly and adroitly shows him just how little his refusal means to her, by having Harry stab himself right through the hand with a letter opener. Yikes. 

Hope you enjoy, and see you soon with Justified! 


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