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The Dresden Files, Book 4: Summer Knight- Chapters 28, 29, & 30

Masquerade, via CHARRO ART

The Dresden Files, Book4 – Summer Knight, Chapters 28, 29 , & 30

Hello, listeners! As I will mention in this episode, I chose this illustration of Harry incinerating a bunch of Red Court vampires because the whole vampire plot (which RoShawn had essentially forgotten about) comes back around this episode, and we find out that the Tigress was hired out of revenge for Harry’s brutal attack. I found this illustration long after reading that episode, but it’s just so good that I was hoping for a spot to use it, and this feels like a reasonable time.

So this trio of chapters is really just set-up for what’s going to begin in the next episode, because it’s mostly Harry getting out of the predicament he was left in by Aurora and Elaine, and then him getting strapped for the war. Harry is discovered in a most unflattering position, covered in mud and hanging from a tree, by the Gatekeeper AKA Wizard Rashid. He presents Harry with the option to just get out of this mess and go home, but Harry decides to go ahead and get in the shit, at which point Rashid reveals that he would basically have voted to have Harry killed if Harry made any other choice. *GULP*

So then Harry gets strapped up, and meets with Billy and the werewolves to get a ride to the war. He uses this chip of stone that Rashid gave him to navigate to the the stairway that will bring him up to the constructed land surrounding the Stone Table, and they all use a special salve (also a gift from Rashid) to see everything clearly without needing Wizard’s Sight. Harry reports to Mab and tells her who is behind the murder and theft, and she seems to get it immediately. But now it’s up to Harry to beat Aurora to the table, and he has to haul ass.

Thanks everyone so much for listening, and don’t miss us too much while we’re gone next week! See you soon!


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