Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 35

Kings Cross
by RohanElf

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 35

Everyone, please let me know what you think we should do next week, because Roshawn is feeling kind of averse to finishing the book and she kind of wants a buffer before the final chapter. Is that something that would interest you, or would you rather we just go right ahead with it so that we can start discussing the series?
This chapter really is an unusual one. Roshawn tells me what she had kind of expected the chapter following Harry’s death to be, and her thoughts are very interesting and not really something I had thought of. She finds this loophole for speaking to Dumbledore one last time to be completely acceptable, and despite how angry she was with him, she finds herself feeling a bit as Harry does…she just can’t stay mad at him.
We find out so much about the reason that things worked out how they did, from Harry winding up in the King’s Cross Station rather than dying and going on right away, to the way his want reacted to Voldemort’s, to what Dumbledore’s real feelings were about his family and Grindelwald. There’s a lot of revelations here, and I can’t wait to finish and get to talking about them even more! Squee!
Enjoy the episode, everyone, and I will see you soon!

One thought on “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 35

  1. No. Don’t wait.

    If you ever get back to Snape, would you be so kind as to consider some things about his story that you didn’t get around to mentioning.
    First, revisit the night of Voldemort’s return and Snape leaves the hospital room. harry notices that Dumbledore is a little unnerved by sending Snape out to do what he has prepared to do. why would that be?
    Second, Harry frequently compares Snape’s black eyes with Hagrids. he notices the warmth and depth in Hagrid’s eyes and the emptiness in Snape’s. i think we can assume that his eyes appear so empty because of occlumency. i think we need to ask what it cost Snape to always hide any positive feelings. surely what Voldemort needed to read in him was hatred from Harry and Dumbledore.
    Third, i’ve always given Snape a bit of a pass on his treatment of Harry because it was necessary that Voldemort hear consistently that Snape hates Harry. if there was ever any doubt of that, the deception would not have worked.

    Snape is by far the most complex character in the story. i felt that your recent pod on the Prince’s Tale didn’t delve into this complexity. hope you have time to return to him.

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