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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 36 & Epilogue


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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 36 & EPILOGUE

Oh, listeners. This is so hard to post. I am late on it because I went out this weekend, but I think there was another reason…this is the last episode of UNspoiled! Harry Potter where Roshawn is actually unspoiled. It’s the end of an era. We will be doing the reread, but this is the maiden vogaye coming to an end, and it makes me so sad.

I’m pleased to say that Roshawn loved the final chapter. She wasn’t sure what to expect regarding Harry getting back to the Hogwarts battle, and him playing dead never entered her mind. Of course Neville going ape and slicing off Nagini’s head was a highlight, and then Molly Weasly…I mean, does it get any better than Mother Bear wiping Bellatrix right off the map? There are some really amazing moments throughout.

And then of course, there’s Harry facing off directly with Voldemort. It’s fun to hear Roshawn laughing at how much Harry had to spell out everything to Tom (because he even stops calling Voldy by his chosen name after a bit), and we are reminded that yes, Tom Riddle should have read more.

And then of course the controversial epilogue. Oh there’s still so much to talk about! I can’t bear to end this, but I’m really excited about the conversations we’re going to have coming up. Such mixed feelings!
Thanks so much for listening, everyone. See you soon.

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