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Harry Potter Reread: Chamber Of Secrets, Chapters 1, 2, & 3

The Burrow, from the illustrated edition by Jim Kay http://amzn.to/2t3IJcp

Welcome, listeners! It’s time for us to begin rereading the second book in the series, Chamber Of Secrets! If you’re interested in buying the illustrated edition, use my Amazon affiliate link by clicking here! I’m kind of weirdly excited to reread this one because I had to keep some of my negativity about this book under wraps while going through it with RoShawn for the first time, and now I get to let my hate flag fly.

It’s not like it’s a terrible book or anything, but it’s full of some of the most anxiety-inducing plot points, many of which don’t have a very satisfying resolution. The first scene with Dobby he almost ruins Harry’s life, and while we know he meant well it’s only due to Harry’s friends that he’s able to get out of his prison and back to school. It’s always tough when someone does something terrible because they care about you, because there’s no cathartic moment to yell at them later.

And then there’s the setup here with Percy acting all mysterious and we find out at the very last minute that it’s because he’s got a crush on Penelope Clearwater and has been snogging her, which let’s face it is hardly the most juicy bit of gossip we’ve ever heard.

Anyway, hating on something that you mostly love can be kind of fun, so I’m looking forward to this and I hope you are, too! Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to check out Accio Box, our awesome new sponsor!

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