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Harry Potter Reread: Chamber Of Secrets, Chapters 15 & 16

From the illustrated edition, by Jim Kay http://amzn.to/2gQcxs2

Harry Potter Reread, Chamber Of Secrets, Chapters 15 & 16

Hi, listeners! So, usually RoShawn and I record The Dresden Files on Wednesdays, but because the USPS is garbage and liars, she hadn’t gotten her book in the mail yet. So we decided to go ahead and record Harry Potter instead, and you all get to clap your hands with glee at an early episode. Well, I hope you do, anyway.

Harry and Ron finally take Hagrid’s advice after watching him get carted away, and they wind up in the Forbidden Forest with Aragog, the giant murderous spider that Hagrid thinks of as a fuzzy pet. There’s nothing good or decent about the illustrations in these sections of the book, and just be glad I chose this one to include and not the one of the…swarm. Ick.

Now, in this episode, RoShawn and I take a harder look at what happens in the final moments before Harry and Ron go into the Chamber, and we discover a huge plot hole. There really is absolutely no reason why Harry would decide to go talk to Gilderoy Lockhart instead of McGonagall, especially after he was heading to see her in the first place. If any of you have a good explanation for this other than, “Well Rowling wanted them in the Chamber with Lockhart”, please let me know. I’m really baffled how I never noticed this before.

Don’t forget to pre-order the illustrated Prisoner Of Azkaban using my affiliate link! We’re starting it soon and it would be super fun if you could read along with us and see the illustrations we’re describing!

Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you soon with a new Justified! 


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