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Harry Potter Reread: Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chapters 4 & 5

The Dementors
by JoshHutchinson

Harry Potter Reread- Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chapters 4 & 5

Phew! Finally! I fell super far behind over last weekend, which led to a domino effect that delayed all of this week’s episodes; but finally here we are, and next week RoShawn and I are going to have our fancy illustrated editions to record with (which you can order here!).

In these chapters we have one of my favorite sections of the series, when Harry has some time to just be by himself, away from both the Dursleys and from school, and enjoy everything the wizarding world has to offer. He’s able to simply relax and study and eat ice cream and hang out and shop, and I mean really…isn’t that all any of us want out of life?

But then Harry is brought rudely back to earth by one of the worst experiences of his life: his first encounter with a Dementor. Harry faints, and this becomes a source of unlimited entertainment for Malfoy, thanks to Neville spilling the beans. Oh, and we meet Lupin here!

Don’t forget to check out our amazing sponsor, Accio! Box and use code UNSPOILED for 10% off your first 3 months! Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you all next week! Have a great weekend!


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