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UNspoiled! Book Club- IT

Stephen Kings It by MagdaPROski

Stephen Kings It
by MagdaPROski


Hi listeners! I hope that you were able to come to the live recording of IT, but if you had to miss it (hopefully because you had some amazing Halloween plans), here is the whole  wonderful recording!

This book was such a wonderful combination of the truly bizarre, the wonderfully freaky, the deeply human, and the totally problematic. I loved the backstory on the characters and even some of the history of Derry itself, although there were enormous parts that felt totally unnecessary and screwed with the rhythm of the climax. Overall though, King’s study of human nature and behavior is what I love about him, and since Derry is basically the 8th main character, including it’s history is simply following the pattern of focusing on psychology.

Then there was the obvious issue of Beverly, who is the sole female main character and handled with the least awareness. It’s astonishing how sensitive King is regarding race when it comes to the one black character, but how completely blind he is to representing a female character without sexualizing her is truly baffling. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but then when we get to that ridiculously horrible moment in the tunnels I just had to roll my eyes and give up.

I hope you guys enjoy the show, and that you had a really happy Halloween!

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