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Justified, S05E09- Wrong Road

Justified, S05E09- Wrong Road

Wow, it’s been a while! But we’re back with the newest episode of Justified, and I’m really digging this season which is apparently not really in line with popular opinion. But you know what? Sometimes popular opinion is wrong. Also, these things are subjective. Am I mature or what?

I was so hopeful that this episode would be part of a wakeup call for Raylan, and in some ways I’m sure they wanted us to think that. But Raylan doesn’t have a lot of self-awareness, probably because he’s always burying his head in work so that there’s no actual time left to look at himself. I’m sure it’s intentional.

Anyway, I’m bummed out that Hotrod is dead, and I’m bummed that Roscoe is dead too. Two fun characters and they’re both taken out by jerkwads. What a shame.

Thanks for listening!

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