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The Leftovers, S02E07- A Most Powerful Adversary



Hey listeners!! FYI: last week Alan had some personal conflicts so we had to cancel that episode of Justified, and this week he and I won’t be recording until Saturday so that’s why nothing has been posted. For this week, both Maggie and I had a conflict on Monday so there is no Agent Carter this week. But we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

In this episode of The Leftovers, you really need to be on the Facebook group so that you can read my shot-by-shot live-posting while watching the episode. Seriously it was a crazy episode of television with so many surprises in it, from the moment the episode starts, that I was simply floored and scrambling to keep up the entire time. I did not expect Nora to just get up and run away in the middle of the night, and I sure didn’t think that Kevin had already gone to visit Virgil. That hadn’t even occurred to me.

But then, then! We have the 1-2 punch of Virgil not only squeezing out all of the medicine that would have brought Kevin back from the brinnk of death, but then picking up a pistol and blowing his own brains out. And there’s no way he’s coming back from that one, so I don’t know how the fuck Kevin is going to make it out o this one. Because I assume Kevin isn’t staying dead. Is he?Thanks so much for listening and for your patience, and I will see you shortly with another episode of Luke Cage! 

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