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The Leftovers, S02E10- I Live Here Now



Wow, listeners! We’re here at the end of Season 2 of The Leftovers, and I can’t believe that I have to wait for months until the final season! How is that fair? I guess that it’s nothing compared to the people who finished Season 2 when it was actually airing, but dammit I’m not used to this!

So this episode is really something. This show loves to finish up seasons with towns burning up and the destruction of a seemingly safe place at the hands of the GR, but it’s really interesting that the comparison kind of ends there and otherwise the finale feels so different from the last one. I’m really glad that there was a part of me that was weirdly rooting for Meg. I mean, the last season finale was me saying that the GR derserved to get burned to the ground for what they did, and this one I was like, “Damn straight, bust your way in there, how dare they keep this place sectioned off from the riff-raff like this?”

And how about that part where Kevin is killed again? I’m kind of cracking up at the fact that he keeps doing this, like I can’t help but wonder if his body is sick of shutting down and then having to get it back together again. John killing him comes as no surprise, but in the moment it was truly an understandable reaction, and I’m a huge fan of how they work it out later on.

I really liked this episode a lot, and I’m dying to see the remainder of the show. Damn it, guys! Do we even have an official release date yet? Let me know!

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