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The Leftovers, S03E02- Don’t Be Ridiculous

The Leftovers, S03E02- Don’t Be Ridiculous

Oh boy, listeners, we had to take last week off from The Leftovers due to illness, and I can’t tell you how much it killed me that I wasn’t going to get to watch another episode until this week. This show is bananas, and this episode just raised a whole host of other questions that I hadn’t even really considered (like what the hell has Kevin’s dad been up to?) and on top of all that, they present me with this bizarre radiation plotline involving Nora and, of all people, Mark Linn-Baker of Perfect Strangers. 

Now, not being of the era in which that show was popular, there were a lot of references in this episode that I didn’t get, and RoShawn very patiently explains them to me. Having them explained did not diminish their cleverness, though, and I went ahead and used that theme song this episode because of course I did. Nora meets with this guy, thinking that he’s running some kind of scam, but once they’re face to face she wonders if maybe he actually believes the nonsense that he’s selling after all, and is perhaps as much a victim as anyone. I have my own problems with this bizarre thing, and don’t get me started on how a testimonial is supposed to be taken after you do something, and not before.

Meanwhile, it turns out that there’s another motive for Nora to want to come and visit St. Louis; Lily. Not called Lily anymore (I don’t believe that we find out what her name actually is now), she’s been taken back by her birth mother, and obviously Nora is not coping well with this loss. It sure doesn’t make it any better that Lily doesn’t remember who Nora is anymore, and the look of utter devastation on Nora’s face when she hears Lily says those three little words is truly awful.

This show is so damn emotional, guys. It’s so good, but damn it’s tough. Thanks for listening, and see you soon with the next installment of The Dark Tower! 


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