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The Leftovers, S03E03- Crazy Whitefella Thinking

Alright, listeners, I hope you’re ready for me to hate on Kevin Garvey Sr. for an hour, because holy shit he made me so mad this episode. Over and over and over. How did he manage to make me so mad for so long!? Apparently my tolerance for this messiah bullshit is way lower than even I realized. Never has the phrase “white savior complex” been more plainly illustrated than right here.

Kevin Sr. is in Australia because that’s where the voices told him to go. Then, they very unhelpfully abandoned him to his own devices, leaving him in a strange country with no idea of what he should do next. Naturally, he tries to take all the questions and events that happen to him at more than face value, believing that in the most inconsequential of interactions there might be a Sign. This leads him to a bizarre situation with a famous magical chicken, and I’m just sitting here laughing that he really doesn’t think his “purpose” could be reconnecting with his kid. He thinks that since the Itsy Bitsy Spider segment was the first thing he heard, and singing the song seemed to stop the rain, that he is now invested with the responsibility to save the entire planet from a flood. But he needs secret Aborigine songs to do it.

What follows is a series of hilariously unfortunate events, and some not so hilarious, like him falling and killing the elder who had the final piece of the song he [supposedly] needed. This guy is invading spaces, stealing from native peoples, hurting the folks he’s claiming to be helping, and generally fucking up the lives of pretty much everyone he comes in contact with. I want Kevin Sr. to go home and stop this nonsense, but the problem is…what if he did? Would the voices come back?

I don’t know what to make of this episode, but I sure hope you enjoy listening. See you later with the next installment of The Dark Tower. 


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