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The Leftovers, S03E04- G’day Melbourne

The Leftovers, S03E04- G’day Melbourne – 10:20:17, 4.13 PM

Hi there, listeners. My apologies in advance, but there won’t be an episode of Dark Tower this week because Miles had plans, and there won’t be a Dresden Files episode I got bit by a stupid dog and spent the evening getting stitches. *eyeroll* Life’s a bitch sometimes. (GET IT? SEE WHAT I DID THERE???)

So this episode is a lot. Like, in the moment while watching this, it was of course sad and moving and really affecting overall. But when RoShawn and I talk about it, we really start to look at the way some of our own relationships fell apart, and it starts to get even more emotional. It’s hard not to see two mostly rational and decent human beings like Nora and Kevin, who seem to have all the ingredients to a good relationship and still can’t make it work, and not see something of yourself and your own history.

Kevin has tagged along to Melbourne with Nora even though he’s not a part of her overall plan, and from the very first scene it’s clear that she’s not particularly interested in having him there. It’s not like she is trying to leave him behind, but she’s very much wrapped up in her own mission. This becomes apparent to Kevin really quickly, and the final blowup between the two of them is ugly and cruel. Nora doesn’t get what she came for, and Kevin doesn’t get closer to Nora. It’s over.

Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you soon with the next episode of Justified!


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