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Sense8: The Rest of Season 2

So a lot of shit is going down!

Sun: Joong-Ki is spared, but it turns out he has a powerful politician ally So close to a satisfying resolution!

Lito: We knew he would do well in Hollywood! Also Andy Dick and Cheyenne Jackson! Dani is an amazing agent.

Nomi: Wedding- meh. Double marriage proposal YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

Capheus: His security detail betrayed him, but Superpower, of all people, saved him.

Kala: Rajan is turning his buddies into the authorities, and tells her to bounce. Also we fight about him as a good husband. I’m right, of course. Also she’s making blockers with very poor lab safety.

Riley: Finds a dead body with Diego, and serves as a proxy for Will to chat with the dying Cipher. Also, I expand my wachowskiverse theory.

Jonas: Appears to have crossed to the dark side. Is he a survivor or a good guy sleeper agent? Who’s to say?

Bug: Looks great in a white tux.

Felix: Doesn’t like his coworkers.

Silas: Doing Capheus’s Mom.

Jela: Also there.

Diego: Still a whiny straight boy.

Cipher: Dies.

Teagan: Married.

Nando: Hot.

Lila: Trying to turn Berlin into a Sense8-friendly city. And I think she’s the big bad.

Wolfgang: Captured, tortured.

Will; Concocts a risky plan to get all the Sense8’s (Plus Amanita!) to london. We’re hoping Dani and Nando stayed behind, there’s enough danger here. Also Jonas and Whispers have been kidnapped.

See you guys next year!




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