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Sense8 Season 1 Megasodes

*Note from Money: This was recorded last year, when we were just finding our feet as far as podcastin is concenred. I’m sorry about the audio quality- it will be MUCH better when we pick up season 2 in a few weeks. Sorry guys! Love you all!*

Hey listeners! Bitches & Money originally planned on covering Sense8 as their debut show, laboring under the false impression that season 2 would be out in June of 2016. Well, that didn’t happen, so they shelved these episodes. But now that season 2 is coming out soon, we’re gearing up, so enjoy our MEGA, all-in-one coverage of season 1! Complete with our brand of coff-color humor!

Megasode 1: Sun, Kala, and Capheus

Megasode 2: Wolfgang, Riley, and Lito

Megasode 3: Will & Nomi

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