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Sense8: Who Am I?

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Time to check in with our sensates! This was a fun, meaty episode that made me pump my fist.

Sun: Nice scene bonding with her fellow prisoners. Not much here.

Capheus: Might get laid.

Wolfgang. Vague mob ties (yawn) and mommy issues (better than daddy issues?).

Kala: Very helpful to Will & Riley. Also we fight about her and Rajan.

Lito: Painful movie premiere. Move to the states, buddy!

Nomi: Doing the investigative legwork. Is in chicago now. And Sarah’s death is actually important to the plot. I want more of this. And more of naked Amanita.

Will: Surprisingly badass for being in a heroin coma the whole time.

Riley: Finally useful! We wonder if Will is in on the deception. I think so. Welcome to relevance, Riles!



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