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The Dark Tower, Book 4: Wizard And Glass, Part 3- Chapter 4

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The Dark Tower, Book 4- Wizard And Glass, Part 3- Chapter 4

Listeners! Hope you’re having a delightful Thursday, and that you’re ready for the next chapter of Wizard And Glass. I’m happy to report that shit really starts to get rolling in this chapter, and there is finally a confrontation between Roland and Cuthbert. Which makes sense, since that’s the name of this chapter.
Jonas has decided to use a dog tail to try and throw the trio of boys off the scent, so that when they see the place ransacked they’ll assume it was the kids running around calling themselves the Little Coffin Hunters. He rifles through their stuff, tears up their books, letters, and photos, pisses on their clothes, and kills their pigeons. Once could say he causes all this havoc to add to his cover story, but of course he’s taking a malicious glee in it all.
Cuthbert, after a row with Roland, rides out into town to cool his head a little, and then he runs into poor Sheemie who is on his way back from his errand at Rhea’s place. Sheemie tells Cuthbert everything, and that spurs Cuthbert to go sucker-punch Roland in the face. Thankfully, this confrontation has the desired effect. Roland, apparently fully awake now, goes to see Rhea, and it doesn’t end too well for her little snake. Even Cuthbert is stunned by Roland’s shooting on that one.
Thank you so much for listening, and enjoy the show!
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