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Undeclared! The Vampire Diaries – 1.15 and 1.16

Undeclared TVD – 1.15 and 1.16

So, we’ve got a lot of poor decisions being made in these episodes. Jenna figures out who Isobel is. Alaric confirms that Isobel was his wife. Damon confirms he turned her into a vampire. Elena goes looking for her alone. A couple people die because of this. Matt spends a double date with Caroline, Elena, and Stefan reminiscing about his time with Elena. Matt’s mom does everything wrong. Pearl thinks the town belongs to her and her gaggle of tomb vamps. Frederick and Bethanne, two of the tomb vamps, get themselves injured and killed, respectively, because they don’t want to spend even more time trapped inside after 145 years of it.
Oh. And Alaric confronts Damon, is killed, and comes back. That’s one special ring Isobel gave him.
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