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UNscrupled: Alias: S01E06&07- Reckoning/Color-Blind


WHO THE HELL WAS SYDNEY’S COSTUME DESIGNER HERE??????? Seriously, that green dress if a war crime.

Join Bitches & Money as we get to MONEY’S FAVORITE GUEST STAR! John Hannah is a criminally neglected character actor, and he shows off his ability to steal the spotlight from everyone in 40-minute increments.

Francie realizes she was hasty in thinking Charlie was a cheater. But Charlie is a fuckwit, and Money has a little more patience for him, since television is just really bad at depicting healthy, communicative relationships. Turns out he wants to be a mediocre singer in hipster bars. Probably shouldn’t have quit your day job.

Will finds out that Kate Jones is actually Eloise Kurtz, and she turns up dead. He’s on to something, but we don’t know what yet.

Sydney and Dixon perform an intense heist in the world’s most cookie-cutter art gallery, and we even get a little art lesson from Bitches while Money pretends to understand what she’s talking about (seriously, when it comes to art, he’s as bad as SYNDEY’S UGLY-ASS DRESS OMG !!!!11!!!1).

The Queens are NOT having the shamwow couture.

Jack and Vaughn are in a dick-waving competition. It’s not that interesting.

And Sydney has to go undercover to a mental institution in some eastern European Country, where she ends up (SPOILER).






saving the man who killed Danny.


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