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UNscrupled! Alias: S01E12&13- “The Box”


Quentin Tarantino!

Yes, the best Gen-X director out there makes a guests appearance on these two episodes! SD6 is under attack, a crew of QT, a hot Asian lady named Toni, and 5 mooks with bad hair invade the office with guns, kill the security guards, and make Sydney crawl around in the ducts to save her colleagues.

Meanwhile, Will tries to back out of his investigation, only to be pulled back in by the daughter of one of SD-6’s victims. Bitches has to let go of her theory that Jack is the man leading Will on his investigation, since he was stuck in an elevator while Will was having the conversation.

Very little Francie this week, as she sits at the kitchen table and does wedding planning all by herself. Why does she have no friends?

But nothing is more interesting than qatching QT’ character unravel, revealing just how fragile masculinity really is. We get some wicked shade from Arvin Sloane, who is having none of Cole’s shit. Even while being tortured with an Indian food and Red Bull enema.

Join us!

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