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UNscrupled! Alias: S01E22- “Almost Thirty Years”


This season has been a wild ride! Here we are, with Sydney tied to a chair, being interrogated by someone. Blood is dripping from her mouth as she faces her enemy. Her boyfriend is freshly dead, this time from drowning.

So it turns out Will is still alive, and Bitches called that, like she did so many other things. Sark honors his end of the deal and turns over the prisoner in exchange for the page and the ampule, despite the fact that Jack clearly violated the spirit of the agreement by exposing the page first.

Sydney has to steal the page first,though, and she breaks into a secret SD6 lab off the coast of Santa Barbara- and gets caught on her way back by Dixon. He’s had enough of her lies, and the question of exactly what he’s going to do about it is still a mystery.

Vaughn figures out what she’s up to, and decides to go rogue with her. Their mission is to destroy The Man’s facility while Jack is making the exchange. And Sydney dresses in a goth/punk getup just so they can take a shortcut through the bar . . . and Mocha and Vivica are LOVING it! This si what her fashion should be, now and forever.

Things don’t go as planned, though- destruction of the Mueller device makes the facility flood, and Poor Vaughn is trapped on the other side of the door. Syndey is captured trying to free him . . .

Back in LA, Abby says she hasn’t heard from Will in Six days. Will’s editor says to run the story. And Sloane does what the Alliance asks of him, poisoning his wife.

And The Man is revealed to be Irinia Derevko, aka Laura Bristow.

It’s beena ¬†fantastic season! Thank you to Mocha and Vivica, thanks you to all of our fans, thank you to Natasha for having us! We’ll see you next week for the first stab (haha) at Buffy the Vampyr Slayer!

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