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UNspoiled! Book Club: The Night Circus

Night Circus

Welcome to all you fabulous listeners! Welcome to the newest crop of podcasts from UNspoiled!

Today we’re finally here with the most recent episode of the UNspoiled! Book Club, covering The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This was one of those books that I know I will be revisiting again and again, simply because I loved the whole vibe and series of mental pictures so much. While a book like Kite Runner is a more emotionally engaging book and was far more moving in many ways, it’s simply not something that I would plan on reading again because it was so devastating. I would heartily recommend it to anyone, because it was a phenomenal book, but as for me…sometimes I need a break from endless, heartbreaking tragedy.

That’s where books like The Night Circus come in.

This is a gorgeous, almost fairy-tale style story, focusing on a small group of magicians and their competition against one another. It begins as two masters pitting their students against one another before the students are even old enough to understand what is happening, but as the proteges get older they start to see more clearly how completely fucked up the whole situation is. Not only that, but they begin to have more and more serious feelings for one another.

The Night Circus is about this pairing, but is also about how something as unusual and beautiful as this circus can bring people together and create its own community. I thought the whole subplot about what basically amounts to a circus fandom was really beautiful and moving and interesting, and it paid respects to the circus audience rather than treating them (as I’m sure some writers might have been tempted to do) like a bunch of suckers who don’t understand what they’re seeing. The audience, after all, is the heart of any performance, and without them the circus would be nothing, so I really liked that aspect.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you for listening, and I hope you enjoy the episode. See you soon (if you’re a Patron!) with the Very Special Episode in which RoShawn and I discuss The Godfather. 


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