Your Beloved Hosts

Natasha Winters

Creator & Boss Bitch

Location: unfortunately, Texas
Shows: Too fucking many
Me In Seven Words: "Always too much, yet it's never enough."
Book: The Enchanted Castle
Movie: Home Alone
TV: Vikings
Musician: I don't know, Slick Rick?
Fun stuff to do: plan things, decorate planners, put stickers in my planner, PLAN. Also, cooking.
Why podcasting?  I have an inflated sense of self-importance and also I'm hilarious


Network Show Host

Location: Los Angeles
Podcasts: UnScrupled, Occasional Book Club.
Favorite Books: American Gods by Neal Gaiman. Bel Canto by Ann Patchet. The Tiffany Aching Books by Terry Pratchett. Old Man’s war series by John Scalzi. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms By NK Jemisin.
Favorite Movies: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Favorite shows: Farscape, Six Feet Under, DS9
What I do for fun: Climb walls and rocks, run Sci-fi Cons, read a lot, be snarky on the internet
How you started Podcasting: My bestie called me up one day and said “You know that radio show we talked about doing in College? We’re doing it. Now.”

Krista Contino Saumby

Network Show Host

Location: Washington, DC
Shows: The Constant - Lost (@TheConstantPod)
Undeclared! - Band of Brothers (@UndeclaredBoB)
Undeclared! - The Vampire Diaries (@UndeclaredTVD)
Undeclared! - The Punisher (@PunisherPodcast)
Recurring Guest Host - The Film Find

Book - Lucifer's Hammer
Movie - Devil
TV - The Finder

Fun stuff to do - I draw and craft too much
Why podcasting? - I like talking. And Jaime. And talking to Jaime.

RoShawn DiLodovico

Co-Host & Resident Unicorn

Harry Potter
The Wire
The Dresden Files
The Leftovers
Loves: The Smurfs
Fiona Apple,
punk rock
70's AM Gold
Mosh Pits

Chris "Money" Holcomb

Network Show Host

Location: Oakland, CA

Shows: UNscrupled: Buffy, Sense8, Alias, Angel.

UNspoiled: Book Club, The Walking Dead Graphic Novels

Music: Gaga, Cher, Robin Skouteris, P!nk, Bad Lip Reading

Loves: Monetary theory, Identity Politics, Drag Fashion, Sword of Shadows

Got into broadcasting: The Bitches & Money show has been a thing since 2006. It was time to expand our market influence.

Owen Hobbs

Co-Host & Boy Toy

Location: The South
Identity: Secret
UnSpoiled: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Walking Dead, Golden Compass, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones s1, and numerous Patreon special episodes.
Favorite Book: Marvel Comics: The Untold Story
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite X-Man: Goldballs
Loves: Superhero comics & films, RC Cola, champagne, Fallout, The Simpsons, Star Wars
Hates: Aerosmith, damp socks, cupcakes, Frank Miller, Hawkman

Jaime Smith

Network Show Host

Co-Host and Network Show Host

Location: Atlanta, GA
Shows: Doctor Who
The Constant - Lost (@TheConstantPod)
Undeclared! - Band of Brothers (@UndeclaredBoB)
Undeclared! - The Vampire Diaries (@UndeclaredTVD)
Undeclared! - The Punisher (@PunisherPodcast)
Me in Seven Words - "Loyal. Passionate. Likes animals more than people."
Books/Authors - A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter
Movie - The Goonies, LOTR, The Winter Soldier
TV - Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BSG
Fun stuff to do - Baking. Going to movies. Cat videos.

Miles Schneiderman

Co-Host, Resident Curmudgeon

Location: Tucson, AZ
Shows: Unspoiled! Black Mirror, Fucking Game of Stupid Thrones, Dark Tower; Smash Fiction
Favorite Book (Fiction): Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card
Favorite Movie: Rebecca
Favorite TV Show: Lucha Underground, Venture Bros
Superpower: The ability to quote any piece of popular culture I have experienced, verbatim
Politics: So left that I frequently despise liberals
Mildly Controversial Opinion: Civil War is the best MCU movie, fight me
More Controversial Opinion: Freedom is overrated

Candace Solomon

Co-Host And Resident Pot-Stirrer

Lover of anime, vampires, and trashy teen angst TV
Only the cheesiest of pop music will do
The Broadcast
Twific Pimps
Straight to the Vein
Hide & Drink
Occasional Book Club